Merry's List of Fanfics

Sorted by Fandom, links go to AO3. (for now! i will make pages for my fics and tag 'em, and mirrors elsewhere)

Dangan Ronpa

the morning routine of sayaka maizono: Gen rated. Sayaka Maizono wakes up and goes through her morning routine. Introspection focused, mostly on Sayaka's relationship with her father and a lot of her mental processes.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

night reading: Gen rated. Seliph and Deirdre cannot sleep, and find each other in the library in order to talk, and reconnect as Mother and Son in Askr. Seliph and Deirdre focused; basically a cute lil support convo. (dreamwidth mirror, AO3 mirror)

love for the wanting heart: Explicit rated. Celica/Berkut. Basically, two idiots who already have prior loves and obligations find themselves forced to work together, infuriated, confused, maybe a bit infatuated but totally not and then oops, they're making out and oral sex happens! This idea seized me at 3AM and as a result, this is PWP as hell. But hey, if you want to see Berkut have a praise kink, here you go!

take me to church: Explicit rated. Eremiya finds the lingering stare of her summoner to be deeply unruly, and she decides to punish her child for acting unfair. PLEASE. READ. THE TAGS AND CONTENT WARNINGS. The Dead Dove: Do Not Eat tag is here for a reason, and the line between dubious consent and non-consent is very, very blurred. Anyway, this is somehow one of my longest fics, much less longest kinkfic, and it's for a kink that I could care less about normally. Crazy what happens when you get seized by the writing muse, huh? But this is honestly one of my best fics to date, and I'm proud to say I fully own it now. Still don't like mommy kink, but this was a very fun experimental write! (dreamwidth mirror)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

ephemeral: Gen rated. Male Byleth/Linhardt, post-timeskip. Written before the game was out, this was essentially me just tinkering around with barbies and making them kiss. It's not a good fic, but it's here because even bad fics deserve to be archived!

every letter that you wrote (has found it's way to me my dear): Gen rated. Male Byleth/Linhardt, post-timeskip. Another pre-release fic but I'm pretty sure I had several dataminers and spoilers at this point, but this was another romp into the post married life of these two, where they discuss cute shit and nap. Basically, domestic fluff life.

ever dutiful: Explicit rated. Male Byleth/Linhardt, post-timeskip, post release. Byleth wakes up with morning wood and Linhardt takes care of him. Domestic fluff life smut, essentially.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke

snippets of an impossible dream: Teen rated. Basically: what if Mihara and Rapi switched circumstances? That Mihara was a mass produced Nikke who obtained a full, if flawed, body, and Rapi's memories were taken from her? Perhaps it would go something like this. Potentially multi chaptered?

welcome home: Mature rated. Dorothy wakes up from a nightmare, and that's everyone's problem now. Basically: Dorothy gets corrupted, the fic. Mild warning for gore and Dorothy's fucked up feelings, and some mention of hallucinations! Dorothy is a giant mess and I want to crack her like an egg.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


there's a room in this house that isn't mine: Gen rated. Focused on a Pokemon OC of mine named Ren. Ren contemplates the one room in the house that they do not go inside; their parent's bedroom. (dreamwidth mirror)

hate and love are two sides of the same coin: Mature rated. Juliana/Kieran, has an underage tag on here but it's mostly to cover my ass and to cover a kid strangling another kid. You know. Because he's slowly getting into his Xbox Live teenager era because the Ogre he idolized chose someone else. Anyway, it's basically someone gets strangled and the person doing the strangling gives a neck kiss before running away and crying. Simple little fic!

from ashes of a world now gone: Gen rated. Carmine and Kieran focused, Carmine POV. A little bit of a view into Carmine's head before the Indigo Disk starts. Very simple drabble.

under the mask of pride (fear rises as a guide): Mature rated. Carmine focused, shifting POV, Carmine and Ren talk about what's on Carmine's mind and it's a LOT. A piece I wrote specifically for the RP group I follow, that I liked enough to post to AO3! PLEASE READ THE TAGS AND CONTENT WARNINGS. I am dead serious. Dead Dove is used for a REASON. This is about as close to me implying Carmine was in a suicidal ideation spot as I'm comfortable getting, and this fic gets REALLY emotionally raw. Ren also makes an appearance; they're friends with Carmine in the Rotomblr-verse, and they're hearing her out and. Pretty much just trying to be a grounding presense for a girl who's basically watched her life go completely downhill for the past few months and has reached beyond her breaking point. Also features a fair amount of headcanon to explain like...why Carmine is the way she is. I did my very best to treat each topic with respect, and I think I did a good job with it.

Brumatashipping (Grusha/Katy) Collection

have your cake (and eat it too): Explicit rated. Basically, Grusha and Katy see what's faster; Katy coming, or a cake in the oven. Oral focus.

i'm pickin' up good vibrations: Explicit rated. Katy and Grusha decide to see how long Grusha can continue to endure having a vibrator on in public.

safe inside myself: Mature rated. After a wild night, Grusha contemplates his relationship with Katy, and just how far the lines between fuckbuddy and romance blur. Post-coital fic, mostly Grusha POV about his relationship with Katy.

let's get it over and let's get naked: Explicit rated. A bunch of trainers say something that gets under Katy's skin, so naturally, she seeks Grusha out for distraction purposes. Aka, fucking. Rough sex warning?

i try to keep my spirits high (so i don't come down): Teen rated. A particularly rough evaluation session sees Grusha and Katy going out to drink their sorrows.

i'm liking it better with you: Explicit rated. There's oral sex and then whoops! All feelings!

fluttering wings and a promise: Gen rated. Grusha's Frosmoth has a clutch of babies and he goes to give one to Katy in order to decide if she wants one as a gift. It goes over even better than expected. New 'most worksafe fic in the collection' title holder. lmao

late night devil (put your hands on me): Explicit rated. As a white day present, Katy decides to get a little creative in making a buffet of desserts for Grusha to enjoy...with herself as the final prize. Mostly focused on the food play/chocolate body paint kink part of the fic, some minor mention of cunnilingus and multiple orgasms. Might get an expansion in the future, hard to say, but I kinda had to force myself to get this one out oops.

Saw V

it's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses: Gen rated. Brit Stevenson/Mallick Scott. The two of them go on a quarter-assed version of a date after Brit has a run-in with Hanahaki Disease. It goes better than expected.

Slay the Princess

pruning one last rose: Mature rated, for violence. Thorn route focused, second person Thorn POV. A hope spot turns into a tragic end. Mind the CWs! (dreamwidth mirror)