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Thanks for taking a look around! This website is probably going to be an eternal work in progress due to my unfortunate combination of working a soul-sucking dayjob, and furthermore having motivation that comes and goes like the world's worst metronome going back and forth. Feel free to keep coming back for updates, though; lord knows I'm very excited to take back the web and create a space for myself that I can share with you all!

But for now, allow me to leave you with some links:

My Links

Other media links! Otherwise known as my other haunts, and site credits!

Sayaka Maizono Shrine: A work in progress Sayaka Maizono shrine! Dedicated to a girl of all time.

Other Links

  • going under: a fanlisting i'm a part of! fallen lives rent free in my head for eternity.
  • All or Nothing: a sayaka maizono fanlisting! sayaka maizono is one of my girls of all time, and i just had to.