About the Author

a bit of a dubious title, but hey. it works.

So I guess I should introduce myself a bit beyond the intro. Uh, hi! I'm Sable, pronouns they/them, but you can call me Merry, Shiny, or whatever name you think would suit me that isn't blatantly offensive. Pleased to meet you! I'm a 29 year old person who has a day job, but writes fics whenever the urge strikes me to do so. I'm a simple person, deep down; I love writing ships, I love writing smut, and I like occasionally writing character analysis and even foray into the angst occassionally for funsies. As someone who cut their teeth RPing on Gaiaonline back in the 2000s, I've had a love for writing for a long damn time, finding it to be a nice and wonderful escape from the reality of the world. Not to mention the fact that fanfiction writing is just plain good for the soul! Sometimes you gotta put your blorbos in situations, and craft beautiful stories, and honestly more people should do this.

Most of what you can expect from this site is shipfic, be it of the general or the smutty variety. I will occasionally just do general fic to get into the head of a character, or any other manner of fic, but those will likely be few and far between unless I feel some particular flashes of inspiration. In general I tend to just be a kind of quiet and private person, but I know more Tumblr memes than most can shake a stick at, know entirely too much about Pokemon for my own good, and I'm of the opinion that anyone who attempts to gatekeep fandom in any fashion can go fuck themselves. This goes especially so for my fellow Genealogy of the Holy War fans. Basically, I'm quiet but very, very opinionated lmao.

Let's see...I suppose I can go into the fandoms I'm fond of now? And maybe go into details about some of the ships you can expect to see. Though my fics are sorted into alphabetical order over on the yonder ficlist, I'm going to be listing these fandoms in order of the frequency you can expect to see them.

  • Fire Emblem: Probably the most utilized of the fandoms that I write for, given that I've written fic for at least three different installments of the games. My favorite is Geneaology of the Holy War, but I primarily write Heroes and Three Houses fanfic. Fun fact! I actually wrote the first Byleth/Linhardt fic on AO3, before the games came out. It's the literal one bit of fandom pride that I have, lmao. For Heroes fic, I primarily just tend to use it as an excuse for cross-game interactions or stuff that I couldn't get away with in their home games, and Three Houses fic is usually focused solely Post-Timeskip. Not that I don't intend to eventually foray maybe a bit into Pre-Timeskip or even the Three Hopes timeline, but that's what you can primarily expect.
  • Pokemon: Ah, Pokemon. Truly one of my forever fandoms. I don't write for this canon very often, though I have been an avid player of the games since '03, with Pokemon Sapphire as my starting choice of game. But as of recently, I've gotten rather into writing for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, be it OC fanfic or my primary ship that's gripped my brain. You can expect some various fanfic of the characters, though I primarily focus on the adults rather than any pairings with the protagonist due to what I usually write.
  • Slay the Princess: A recent entrant into one of my 'canons of all time' hall of fame list. I am more than likely going to continue to write fics of this canon, that is a promise. The routes I like the most are the Thorn, the Tower, and the Razor, but I'll probably dabble with some of the other routes as well!
  • Goddess of Victory: Nikke: Introduced to me by one of my fellow dayjobbers...look, this canon is unapologetically horny and I've been enjoying playing the game, and the character dynamics when they aren't forced to be fetish devices for the Commander/self insert are genuinely amazing. This is more of a 'plan to write' canon rather than a 'have written' canon, but I want to explore some dynamics. Rapi/Eunhwa in particular, who, as a great tumblr user known as milfglupshitto so sagely put it, need to divorce with tongue immediately.
  • more to be added: i will probably put more in here as time goes on! because lord knows this is not the end. but i'll give you a general fandom list right now at least; Dangan Ronpa (pretty much entirely the first game), Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing, Touhou Project (both, but particularly the PC-98 era. please note that i am not a mima stan however), Tales of (Berseria and Vesperia mostly), Final Fantasy Tactics (all), Drakengard 1/3, SINoALICE (rest in peace), Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina and quite a few others.

God this is already so long. I'll probably make another page with my list of ships in general! You can judge if you wanna. Feel free to watch this space!