Merrydreaming's House of Fanfic

Where drabbles and smut are plentiful, and timely writing goes to die.

Hi there! My name is Sable, they/them, and welcome to my website!

I'm just your local agender silly goose who likes writing shit about my favorite characters. Sometimes it's just a stream of concious drabble! Sometimes it's an exceedingly horny drabble! And sometimes you get heartwrenching bad endings for catharsis, and sometimes there's some character analysis on the menu as well. I'm the sort of person who basically has to write down whatever they're thinking at a moment's notice otherwise I uh. Won't remember it at all! So I tend to have very unpolished writing, apologies for that in advance.

It is my hope nonetheless that my fanfic (and maybe even occassionally...original fiction...) will be something that people can enjoy, even if people is just myself and a small group of people I'm willing to share fic with. Welcome in, though! Hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to take a look around!

Also, feel free to sign my lil guestbook! If you wanna say hi.