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Wanna contact me on another site? I can link some of 'em together though I try to keep most of my other sites not too closely linked. I had a Carrd once and it almost bit me in the ass IRL, so. This'll be the closest you get. Feel free to poke me if you wanna talk on these, though, I don't bite!

  • Dreamwidth: merrydreaming.
  • AO3: merrydreaming.
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  • Other: You'll need to raise the social link before you unlock anything else. Pls understand. Thank!

Cool Sites and Affiliates:

  • kradeelav 18+: a fellow creator of amazing content, and genuinely an inspiration!!

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  • Layout/BG tiles: the ever amazing!
  • Favicon: animatedglittergraphics-n-more on tumblr! (didn't make it, i'm sure, if anyone has the source on that i'd be very appreciative!)
  • Header photo: Shenzi on Morguefile!
  • Blinkies/Other Images: Blinkies Cafe for the agender blinkie, Mab's Land for the Censor Panda!
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