Avast, gaze upon my ships and despair!

from the vast amount or bad taste? yes.

Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

  • Celes/Sayaka. Destructive disaster lesbians. I once requested this pair on a kink meme to see what people could think of, and let me tell you, lightningwaltz on AO3 delivered. I've had irreperable brainworms about these girls and the toxic relationship they could have and I just want them both to make each other worse.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

  • Dorothea/Linhardt. Truly and honestly, one of my OTPs of all time. There's just something about the way Linhardt tries to understand Dorothea's world and get her to be herself, and Dorothea tries to let Linhardt in slow but sure, and I just! Love them! So much!!! A truly top tier dynamic I adore to pieces but have yet to write any fic for.
  • Byleth/Linhardt. Another pair I really do adore, I mostly write M!Byleth/Linhardt but damn, I'm fine with it both ways. (Just as Lin seems to.) But at any rate, he's an interesting love interest for a protagonist who doesn't express much, plus the both of them can just. Fish, for all of eternity. And really, what more can you ask for?

Goddess of Victory: Nikke

  • Eunhwa/Rapi. Idiots. Absolute fucking idiots. Eunhwa is a nasty drill sergeant type woman who's quiet outside of her order barking, while Rapi's this cool, collected seeming Nikke who doesn't let her feathers get ruffled. Both of them have entirely too many unsaid emotions between one another and just. Look at them. They're so divorced that it's beautiful!
  • Dorothy/Snow White. Overzone brainrot is intense but my god do these two have an interesting dynamic in the past and present. Makes me wanna proceed the story more just to see how much they probably despise one another now. Same sort of heavily divorced energy as Eunhwa/Rapi but like, intensified because of the shit the two of them went through.


  • Grusha/Katy. Probably one of my main ships that I write for, which I've dubbed Brumatashipping! I just love the dynamic of two people, forced to hold back and forcibly held back by their positions and their injuries finding a way to vent and let out steam with each other, and well, this was born. I don't know how I've gotten six fics out of it, but hey! Sometimes you want to explore a dynamic and write some generic fucking. We've all been there and we all do it.


  • Snow White/Little Mermaid. Nothing quite like some enemies hatefucking. And boy howdy I can only imagine these two despise one another after the Act of Elimination and how that little story went. Fucked to hell and back tbh.